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What is Possible From Here

This second project with a beloved, award-winning client & writing coach was my favorite project up until that point (but aren’t they all our favorites?). Cynthia Gregory’s short story collection, What is Possible From Here, is as beautiful in words on the interior as it is in images on the cover. Her original, minimalistic idea …

Laundry Magnets

A friend had a fun, shark-worthy idea for magnets to put on your washers and dryers when you’re at a public laundromat to identify which are yours. He asked me to help find a set of icons which I purchased and customized by adding color as well as a space to write your name with …

Sex on Sundays Podcast

Love Walker asked me to create a logo that used symbolism of serpents to represent sexual energetic union for her podcast. She wanted the colors orange for the sacral chakra and blue for the throat chakra, to represent communication about sexuality.

Soul Element Logo

This logo was for a personal project that didn’t come to fruition, but I love the logo and the symbolism of “as above so below” as well as the serpent imagery.

Brand Design

A collection of logo & branding designs for a variety of businesses. Some brands I worked with for simple designs that didn’t need further materials, and some designs were never used but remain in my portfolio because I personally like the design.

Bonita Audio Branding

Bonita Audio is an elite car audio shop in Bonita, California, who asked for logos in multiple backgrounds as well as business cards and signage. We used gold to create a classy, high-quality brand image.